Awesome Church Fundraising Ideas for Your Congregation church fundraisers ideas

Whether you’re raising money for your general fund or your next mission trip, fundraising is an important part of your church. To do great things for your congregation and in your community, you need a strong foundation of support.

But which fundraisers will generate the most support? And how do you know that your fundraising efforts are set up for success? Each fundraiser at your church should maximize profits. You don’t want to put all your time and energy into planning a fundraiser that may not work!

These 99+ church fundraising ideas will help you decide which fundraiser is right for your church. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find a church fundraising idea that will be effective (and entertaining!) for your congregation.

How can I help my church raise money?

Before you get started with any church fundraising initiatives, take a look at how your specific church systems are set up. The last thing you want to do is raise funds in a vacuum. You need to make sure you have the tools in place to make the most of your and your fellow worshippers’ efforts. church fundraisers ideas

If you’re not doing the following, your fundraising efforts won’t be as efficient as they could be. Worse, they won’t be as effective!

For all church fundraising campaigns and drives, make sure you are:

  • Offering donors an easy way to give online (by far the most popular way to give)
  • Providing a way for congregants to share your church’s cause with their social networks
  • Offering donors the option to securely store a credit card on file for repeat donations
  • Collecting donor information and past giving details, to build strong, lasting relationships

Fundraising Software

Look for an online donation platform that includes the fundamental features listed above. There’s great free software out there that takes just a few minutes to set up—no programming background needed—so you can offer donors a quick way to give donations online. Setting it up means setting your church up for fundraising success.

The reason to do this before pursuing any of the following fundraising ideas is simple: People tend not to carry cash. If your fundraiser inspires them to give more than what they have in cash at that moment—or to give at a later date or on a recurring basis—you need to give them a convenient way to do just that.

Work with a fundraising consultant

Even if your church already has experienced and capable fundraisers, an independent consultant will prove invaluable to your efforts. Professional church fundraising consultants provide expert guidance based on plenty of firsthand experience. Plus, the right consulting firm will be backed by proven faith, commitment, and experience, like Greater Mission.

Greater Mission is a strategic fund-development consulting firm that’s dedicated to serving the Catholic Church and other faith-based ministries. They offer a range of services to help clients foster discipleship and generosity in their communities. Some of these include:

  • Diocesan Capital Campaigns and Parish Capital Campaigns
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Major Gift Fundraising
  • Increased Offertory Program (Amen Generosity)
  • Annual Appeal

Through these specialized services, Greater Mission works alongside clients to raise funds for growing facilities, ministries, and outcomes for God’s work through the Church.

Once online donations are in place at your church, you’re ready to start raising funds to support the church you love! Let’s jump into a wealth of ideas:

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